NCLOA Says: “It takes all of us to protect Private Property”


It’s not enough to just send a few dollars to any organization and expect them to solve your deer dog and other trespass issues. You must be vocal, get involved, contact state legislators and wildlife commissioners constantly, document and report issues diligently, and commit to working in tandem with other property owners who are in a similar situation. Don’t accept, “it’s just a few bad apples”, “dogs can’t read”, “you shouldn’t have bought in deer dog country”, etc. You have a constitutionally protect right to peaceful use of your private property. If you have to sue to exercise that right, be prepared to do so. Understand and use N.C. Supreme Court decision Pegg vs. Gray which is on file in documents on this site. Remember, no one should be allowed or authorized to strip you of your peaceful use of property!

As always, be safe and avoid verbal or physical encounters with those violating your property rights. Record and Report all issues to the local Sheriff, the N.C. Wildlife Enforcement division, and your local and state leaders. Change will not happen if we do not get involved!!

Consider joining with others in the fight for property rights, join or donate to the NCLOA today.


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